Sunday, March 8, 2015

creative corner


Yesterday late afternoon we went to kids love going there for some reason....had a little dinner and did a little shopping. 

I've had my eye on Ikea's Raskog for a while.

I set up my work space down in the basement but it just doesn't work. Our basement is not apart of our home...I mean I have to go out onto the front porch down some stairs and into the basement. And  because of my CRAZY schedule (I drive to the school 4 times every day picking and dropping off my kids. They don't start and finish at the same time AND Mia and Marko for example go in the morning and Jakov goes in the afternoon and it switches every week. AND they're not in school all day...for example Jakov when he goes in the morning is in school from 7:50 am to 11:25. So I always have kids at home...never kid free, which I don't mind it just makes it very difficult for me to work.) with school, jazz, soccer, preparing and cooking 3 meals, cooking, cleaning...bla working here in the living room is difficult because I am being interrupted all the time it's the best solution now.

So here's my the left is our bird Pepi who likes to make a mess so I need to go back to Ikea to get some containers for my stuff to put onto the Raskog. I want containers with lids so it's easy to keep things clean and organized.

This Pluggis series looks good.

The Samla series is also good. I buy the bigger ones (with lids) to store my stamps for the shop so they are protected, dust free. I saw there are some smaller ones good for washi tape, sequins, etc.

Like this too!

I also have plans for the wall. I want to make something like this. I just have to figure out the size (because I want to make a gallary wall) and what message, passage I want to write. Something that will inspire and motivate me (and my family).

Anyways, I thought I would share this here and do updates so I (you) can see this little creative corner of mine blossom! 


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Scrapthat said...

I love Ikea also (my apt is like some advertising piece for them! LOL
but if you have a dollar tree they have awesome lock top boxes and they are only a buck (that's $1.25 CDN so you get more bang (and boxes) for your bucks! :D
I love the raskog, unfortunately it won't fit under my expedite desk. LOL

Bad Kitty said...

I like your lamp and containers very much