Tuesday, September 5, 2017

summer favourites

I wanted to share some products I love and took with my on holidays.

I didn't take any AHA's products with me since I would be in the sun a lot. Cosmel's Hydro toner and eye cream a staple.

Avene came out with some new mineral spf and I bought the tinted one and really liked it. I also used Natura Siberica's Gentle Face Peeling 2-3 times a week.

Schmidt's Rose Vanilla travel deo for the pits! :)

I LOVE Treaclemoon's True Shea Love body butter. Smells devine!

I also tried a gradual self tanner for the first time and will continue to use Eco by Sonya's Winter Skin. It's so easy to use (just make sure you wash your hands after using).

In the evenings I used The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension but I need hydration (the sun and sea really dried my skin out) so I ordered Cosmel's Omega 6 Cream which is DIVINE!!!! I was worried it would be a bit too rich but no. Gives amazing hydrations and the smell....yum! Smells like vanilla and something else...can't put my finger on it!

Cosmel's Melli Sun Milk spf 30 (uva/uvb) is amazing! We were in the sun A LOT and no burns! We all used it (hubby and kids) and no one burned. I do wish Cosmel comes out with a high spf for face (I have lots of hyperpigmentation on my face).

Also I wanted to mention that I was also loving the Barine towels I bought. They are super thin but soak up the water and dry quickly. I will definitely be buying more next summer. You can see one of the towel below (stripes), I used it as a background for the Cosmel travel size goodies.

I did discover another Croatian brand - Adriona. I bought their spf 40 for face and I really liked it. I can't find it so I got this photo off of their facebook page. 

 That's it! ;)

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Fiki said...

thank you for sharing!