Monday, January 23, 2017

planner - 2017

My new planner arrived in the mail last week and I LOVE it. I all things stationary relatied...cute pens, pencils, erasers, washi tape, notebooks, get the picture but when it comes to my planner I don't go all out and use stickers or put any 'effort' into making the inside also look pretty. I just write in appointments and things I need to remember.

I bought this planner on ebay. You can see more photo and info about this planner here. One of the things I like about this planner is you write in the dates/months etc. 

I also bought my 2016 planner on ebay. It's the first one on the photo below with the orange flowers. This planner too doesn't have the dates written in. I love it, the only thing is when you open it you kind of have to hold it open to write (if you know what I mean).

I'm almost done drawing up a 'planner' stamp set, can't wait to share.


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