Thursday, September 29, 2016


Biobaza is a Croatian affordable natural cosmetics brand which does not contain preservatives, perfumes and colorants. They do not test on animals. 
I've tried several Biobaza products and these two are my absolute favourites and I will continue to repurchase. 

Natural Deo Pure Nature (deodarant without alcohol, alumminum, parabens and other nasties) is by far the best natural deodarant I've tried so far. It's a roll on which I really don't prefer but I LOVE this one.

Face Cleansing Micellar Oil - LOVE! I bought this cleanser when we went on vacation this summer and I'm so happy I did. I cleanse my skin with oils or balms and this cleanser is a combination of oils and micelles that melt all the make up and water proof mascara off. I massage it on my dry face, then wet my hands and massage again and wash it off (no cloth needed). 


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Bad Kitty (Fiki) said...

oh its great biobaza!