Wednesday, June 29, 2016

holiday in June - Vrsi Mulo


I'm back! It's been a while since I blogged. Last week we were on a little vacation. We went to stay with my aunt in Vrso Mulo. 

It's about a 3 hour drive from Zagreb and we always like to stop to stretch our legs, grab a snack, etc. This time we stopped in Lika for a little rest before we continued on.

And we made it! Vrsi Mulo.

They are literally as big as my head!!!

What I loved about this holiday is that it wasn't crowded the first few days. Literally felt like we had the whole beach to ourselves. But by the time we left tourists started to arrive.

My aunts house is the third house up from the beach. The photo below I took standing on the beach looking at my aunts house.

I'll be back with more pics!

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