Thursday, April 7, 2016

bean stitch crochet cowl


I finally finished this cowl I started months ago. I left it for a while but I'm back to crocheting.

I'll be adding this to my Etsy shop. Seems weird not that Spring is here but it's winter somewhere right! ;) I hope to fill up my shop with a bunch of cowls and scarves by the fall which means I gotta crochet them all spring and summer.

I made two cowls for my friend Tina and here she's wearing a dark charcole one I made which she loves. You can check out her blog post here.

This grey cowl (below) is 37.5 cm in length which is 14.8 inches. Approx. 81 cm in circumference is which is 31.5 inches. This yarn is not prickly and needs to be hand wash or machine wash cold (30) and gently cycle, lay flat to dry (do NOT put in dryer). 

I'm finishing off a baby blanket for a relative and will share that soon.

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Bad Kitty said...

¸I like your crocheting
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