Monday, March 14, 2016



I got my second iHerb order last week and I will be shopping there again! Everything from the great selection, prices and international shipping options I highly recommend iHerb!

When ordering overseas I'm always nervous about paying extra taxes or customs fees so I keep my order pretty small.

Click on this link  
and get $5 off your first order!

The first time I ordered I got this Kiss My Face sunscreen and I'm half way through that I ordered another one (obviously I love it!) and I ordered this vanilla hand lotion to have at my kitchen sink because my hands are really dry. So far I really like it. The vanilla smell is very strong (in case you're sensitive to strong scents)...I don't mind it.

I have a long wish list (too long to share everything in this post) and here are some goodies I hope to get.

Manuka honey is suppose to be really good for skin so this caught my eye.

I'm just about to run out of my 100% Pure Vitamin C serum (which I bought during one of their 40% off sales) and plan to buy this one. 

I heard this is a effective and gentle Retinal.

Or I might get this one. I love the name and packaging! I have a few more goodies from Mad Hippie that are on my wish list.

I'm obsessed with vitamin C and I'm thinking this would be a great toner for my teenager with teenage skin.

I only wear perfume oils. The 'regular' perfumes give me headaches. This one by Pacifica I think would be great for spring and summer. And don't you just love Pacifica packaging!!
I notice Mia being very interested in make up lately and I'm thinking when the time comes I'll buy her some Pacifica make up...maybe she'll share with me! ;)

Have you shopped at iHerb....any favourites?
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sassy said...

Andalou serum s kurkumom je odlican (lagan,brzo se upije i divan na kozi)-uz njega si svakako kupi gel za lice iz iste linije (blag je za kozu,a sve fino ocisti i ne isusuje).
I pogledaj hurraw balzame za usta (svi su odlicni)

Marina said...

Well, you just made me make an order, so I'll let you know after I try the products ;)