Saturday, February 27, 2016

friday favorites on a saturday + vanilla cake link


Sharing my favorites. I was really busy working and finishing up a project which I will share as soon as I can. It was so fun and stressful to do! lol!

Anyways, lets jump in!

LOVE this bedroom. I mean I'm 41 and would have no problems with this room for myself! ;)


Denim and stripes! LOVE!

I LOVE lipstick! I can really get carried away with lipsticks and nail polishes! I was at the pharmacy the other day and noticed L'erbolario make up (L'erbolario is an Italian company and I've used some of their body products). I was in a hurry so I quickly checked out the lipsticks and I need to go back to take a better look. I LOVE all the colours! 

Also I wanted to share a recipe I tried out for the first time. We went to our best friends and I brought this cake with us (this is all that was left), it's a yummy easy vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting. Check it out here.


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Bernadette said...

Great news about L'Erbolario lipsticks! Yes!