Friday, July 10, 2015

friday favourites

It's Friday.....I thought it was Wednesday...yup!

If you're the praying type could you please keep my brother in your prayers (he had a stroke). Since it has happened I have been out of it and running late on a lot of things. 

Onto my favourites!

I love white kitchens (my kitchen is white but not finished)...I never get tired of them! :)

Only two ingredients - bananas and chocolate chips! 

Wooden spoons and cutting boards...the more the better! :)

I kinda have a nail polish problem. Could be worse I guess! :)


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Mary-Anne V said...

so sorry to hear about your brother I will definitely pray for him! Hugs.

Traci said...

Sending prayers for your brother, Jane.

Traci said...

Sending prayers for your brother, Jane.

TK Watson said...

Already prayed for healing for your brother, and for peace for the rest of the family!

pcelamaja said...

Dear Jane, nadam se da ce tvom bratu biti ubrzo puno bolje! Sending my prayers!