Tuesday, May 26, 2015

across the goals contest


I wanted to share a contest I participated in. Acro, which is an awesome goal achiever planner, had a contest to design a new cover. Long story short my covers weren't chosen but I did make the top 10 list! ;) You can check out the two new designs on Acro's facebook page.

I wanted to share my covers ....simple and plain...like me!

I hand written these words. :)

Stripes or no stripes...couldn't make up my mind!

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Neha said...

wow, I love them. Second one is my fav.

Fikreta said...

very nice

Dotty Jo said...

Ok, just ran my own competition and your first cover won! LOL! Jo x

Anonymous said...

They are fantastic. Congrats on making the top 10. I love the first one :)

~amy~ said...

These are awesome and congrats for making the Top 10! LOVE them all, especially the 1st one!