Sunday, May 26, 2013

strawberries and hyperpigmentation


Hope you all are having a lovely weekend! It's cooled down here in Zagreb...rain....but nevertheless we had a little barbecue action yesterday and our strawberries from the garden and ready to be picked so...........

I made my simple lemon cake (recipe here) which tastes amazing with some whipped cream and strawberries!

Jumping from strawberries to skin care :)  I have sensitive combination (very dry and redness on the cheeks) I have been searching for a cleanser that wouldn't dry out my skin but deep clean it....long story short I started using coconut oil and HELLO!!!! I LOVE LOVE it! My skin has improved....not as red or irritated....takes off make up! There are different ways of cleansing your face with coconut oil (you can google it) I'm too lazy to do most of the methods I read about..... all I do is slather on some coconut oil, massage it into my skin and wipe off with a cotton pad and repeat (depending on how much make up I've got on my face)...then I rinse my skin with warm water and dry...usually I would have to slap on moisturizer before my skin cracked off (felt so tight)...not anymore!! I just put on my serum and that's it!! I have a jar of coconut oil in my pantry and in my benefits are amazing (google it...try it!). Oh...and I use the Bioderma to take off my eye make up.

Speaking of serum I recently received my first Michael Todd order (I have read so many great reviews that I just had to try it out for myself). I ordered the vitamin C serum and the Avocado and Mango mask.

First I have to say the odering and shipping process was great (I live in Croatia)!!!
So far I'm really enjoying these products (that are targeted for pigmentation problems/ sun damage)...the Vitamin C serum smells yummy...not overwhelming and the smell goes away. The mask also smells good enough to eat!! :) It tingles slightly on the skin...doesn't hurt or burn at far I'm loving these products but it's only been about a little over a week so I'll make sure to do an update.

I will be purchasing RoC's Soleil Protexion (Anti Brown Spot fluid)...I heard good things about this one and having hyper pigmentation issues I'm hoping this will help!

Well..that's it for strawberries and my skin issues! lol
Hope you enjoy what's left of your weekend!

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~amy~ said...

Oh thanks for the coconut oil shout out...I'm going to give that a try!