Sunday, June 26, 2011



I had someone suggest that I should try out for Gallery Idol now that it's open to us international folks....I'm still not sure about it...I'm just too busy and while my drawing mojo is in full force my card making mojo put up the CLOSED sign!

I used my Garden Friends stamp set (you can find it here) and stamped these cuties on top of each other :) and I used a SRM sticker from the Sticker Sentiments Congratulations set. I used copics to colour them in...I didn't use copic friendly paper but it worked out fine.

A few days ago a very good friend of ours stopped by for a visit (hadn't seen each other for a while) and she got the kids some fun tops....this one is for you think she liked it???


And our friend got me these LOVELIES!!!! She's so thoughtful and knows I love my girlie creams and stuff! :) The body scrub is HEAVEN!!!!! and the shimmery body lotion...sooooo PRETTY and daughter LOOOOOVES it too! These products are from the Italian brand L'Erbolario. I think I might do a body scrub giveaway....

I'll be back later this week with some SRM projects! :)

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~amy~ said...

Such a fun card and who wouldn't love that pink panther sparkly top?! Oh I adore girlie schtuff like that...tooooo fun.

Kelly Booth said...

Soooo cute Jane!!! I LOVE this adorable card you made....xoxoxo!

Charlene said...

So adorable Jane!! I love it!!!