Thursday, March 17, 2016

quick and easy rice dish

 The only reason I'm sharing this 
is because my oldest who since forever has been such a picky
 eater LOVES this dish! I mean he wants seconds!
 Tears and tears I haved cried when he was a toddler, he lived off of bread and milk!!! 
He's 13 now and much much better but still won't eat everything and won't try new things. 

Marko: Where did you find this recipe?
Me: I just made it up.
Marko: can you make this once a week?
Me: I can make it whenever you want!! (happy dance)

This is so easy and quick. I read somewhere that you can cook rice and keep it in the fridge for up to a week so cooking a big pot of rice and having it ready is great for busy days.

I basically saute some onion (one onion to be exact, you can throw in some garlic too but I didn't have any at the time) with olive oil.

I added some turkey that I cut up into chunks (you can absolutely leave out the meat), cook them until they are no longer pink.

For my seasoning I used some sea salt, dried parsley and tumeric.

I always have a bag of frozen peas, carrots and corn so I added that and cooked for a few more minutes (doesn't take long). I then stirred in my brown rice and there you have easy and you can add whatever you want really but no matter how much of this I make there's never enough...all 3 of my kids (and hubby) ask for seconds.


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Wild Organic Beauty said...

Looks delicious! Xx