Sunday, September 20, 2009

blog candy and some more blog candy

Major blog candy action going on lately!!! First take a look at what Stephanie's giving away!! You know I left a comment!!!!! Go on over and check it out yourself on her blog Stamping and Sharing!

And the lovely talented Lucy is having an awesome giveaway.......go and check it out. Love her blog and her'll find a lot of inspiration on her blog (and that goes for Stephanie too!)

Mary let me know that she used the buttons that she won on one of my fimo button giveaways! Check out the gorgeous Happy Birthday banner she made!!! Awesome. Go on over and check out her awesome blog Everyday Elliot!

Speaking of buttons and giveaways.........I am planning on doing a Halloween fimo buttons giveaway (hope you'll play along) and I haven't forgotten the giveaway I want to do in honor of my Princess Mia and her healthy kidney!!! (like I won't be anything crafty but girly)
And finally, we had Marko's birthday party was great.......all three kids got goodies from our awesome guests (family and friends) unfortunately no pictures for I didn't get a chance to for those treat bags for his classmates........he proudly handed them out and I think made some new friends!!! ;)
Have a great Sunday!!
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NinaB said...

Glad to hear your had a great bday for your Marko. I wanted to ask you, where you got the baggies you put your treats in? I'm going to start making them for my girls. The first birthday girl celebrates on the 1st of Oct.

Kelley Eubanks said...

Jane... so glad the bday party went great! Hey.. I am glad that you mentioned the buttons! I was in Joann's the other day and thought about you. I would love to send you some fimo (i think that is what you use). Just let me know if you are wanting any certain colors, etc! I seem to remember you saying you had to mix the colors you had to make other colors. I would love to send you some if you want.. just let me know! :)

Kelly Booth said...

I'm still hoarding my buttons Jane...Love them so Much!
Glad you had a great Birthday celebration....

Courtney Baker said...

Great stuff! I love how she used your buttons!