Sunday, August 2, 2009


good morning!

and the winner is....number 19
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Timestamp: 2009-08-02 08:48:26 UTC
Kelly Booth said...
WOW Jane...I'm just Amazed at your Buttons...these are in my FAVE color too!!!Got my Fingers and Toes crossed I WIN!!!

and the sucker I am.......had to pick a bonus winner who is number 23
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Timestamp: 2009-08-02 08:49:19 UTC
Dolly said...
These are stunning Jane. I've had a go at making some myself, but they're not up tp your standard, yet. shocking Pink and Lime would be the colour combo I'd go for. Have a good holiday.Tfs xx

Thanks so much for playing along and I hope to see you ALL again for another fimo buttons giveaway. Thanks for your lovely comments and great colour ideas........I'm thinking fall colours....I did notice a gold fimo colour...that might be interesting. I also tried out a new varnish...the Fimo one I found left a sticky feel........I don't know.....anyhow I'd love to send these buttons out asap so please email me your addresses ladies.
My email address is

Have a great Sunday!
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Kelly Booth said... Excited Jane!!! I LUURRRVE your Buttons!!!

Amanda Reddicliffe said...

Welcome home Jane! Your holiday photee's look beautiful.

Kelley Eubanks said...

Hey Jane... Just wanted to say Thanks for your comment about Etsy! I was a little discouraged after the few tips/comments I got about it being difficult to sell. I think in a few months I am going to give it a try anyway! :) I guess you never know unless you try!