Wednesday, April 4, 2012

crochet bug


I've been bit by the crochet bug!!! I'm soooo not a pro. When I was ten my grandmother came to Canada to visit us for Christmas and she taught me the basics....and when she went back to Croatia I never did any crocheting until my father got sick and passed away, I was 21....I have to say it IS therapy...for me very relaxing! I'm in the middle of making a blanket for my daughter...will share that on the blog when I make some more progress.

There are so many awesome tutorials out there that I want to learn and try out. I HATE reading's like math and I never liked math!!!!!!! I like video tutorials much better! :)

Check out these gorgeous projects!!

baskets (must make these)

pillows (want to make the one covered in circles)

shapes (must learn how to do shapes!)

Right now I'm finishing off a crochet cotton wash cloth...thinking of giving it away on the blog. :)
Anyone know how to crochet or knit (tried knitting...I had to walk away people!!!)

Pop on over to the Jane's Doodles blog and check out Courtney's Easter card! :)
Have a great day!!

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~amy~ said...

I love the look of crochet projects....I use to crochet when I was younger...dare I start another hobby?

Sue D said...

I knit and am working on dish cloths right now. I have crocheted--a great aunt taught me when I was in my teens-but I never kept it up. Maybe I should check out video tutorials.

Wee Von said...

These are some great pieces. Love the pillows especially. Do u just find the videos on You Tube?

maria f. said...

Some nice stuff here. Love the baskets. I'm with you on the pattern = math idea. They freak me out at the get go.

Cheryl said...

I taught myself to crochet when I was in first grade--a boy in my class was making his dog a blanket, and I couldn't let a BOY do something I couldn't do better. I taught myself to knit when I was about 10, but it wasn't until I was in my late 30s that I got bit by the knitting bug, big time--lots of sweaters, blankets, washcloths, hats, shawls, etc. I totally gave that up a year ago, though, when I discovered card making. Needlework IS very relaxing, but I enjoy paper crafts so much better now. Don't give up on crochet, if you like it. Once you get the hang of it, you don't even have to think while doing it. You might give knitting another go sometime...crochet is made up of a ton of different stitches, but knitting is just 2--knit and purl. You just do them in different combinations. The trick is to learn to fix mistakes without having to unravel the whole thing--it really is possible and not hard, at all. Email me if you have any questions about it--I'll be happy to help you if I can. Hope you have a Happy Easter! ~Hugs!