Thursday, September 9, 2010

vacation pics


So I finally get to share some pictures from our summer vacation. I'm going to have to do it a few posts because there's a lot of pics. I must say that I forgot my camera so all these pictures were taken with my husbands cell phone.

First up is the City Nin. Very special to me because it's where my mom is from...the city where I got married...and a little's considered to be the oldest city in Croatia where the first King of Croatia was total 7 Croatian rulers were crowned there (oh my...I hope I got my history right!).

You can find gorgeous ruins everywhere!!!

This I'm proud to say is my cousin Božidar's restaurant thank you very much!!!!
It's called Restaurant Branimir.

His restaurant is right next to my FAV right next to it...look for yourself...I got these photo from this site.

Isn't it just GORGEOUS!! my FAVOURITE church on the planet!!!
Crkva Sv. Križa
I just LOVE LOVE this tiny masterpiece!! I got married in another church next to this one.

I can just stare at it forever!! While I was taking pictures there were about 4-5 people inside singing church songs and it just gave me the goose bumps...just BEAUTIFUL!

And this is Grgur Ninski (Gregory of Nin) who was a bishop in the 10th century and introduced the Croatian language in the religious services (which where up until then held in Latin).

People come and rub his big toe for a little luck! ;) Every time I visit I can't walk by without rubbage!! ;)


More pictures tomorrow...

And now for the winners of my latest poinsettia digi stamp are....




Email me ladies so I can send you the digi stamp! Thanks to all who played along!

Take care!
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Carly said...

Wow! What a great looking trip and to visit all that history! A house that was built in the 50's would be considered an historic property in Calgary. lol!

Lin said...

Oh, Jane, these are lovely! So much history.....NINTH century, amazing! Looking forward to more in the days to come! And yay, I love your poinsetta! I'll be emailing you....Thanks!

Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing these great photos, Jane. So interesting!

Rose said...

Gorgeous pictures, Jane!!! I love that church too - so charming. And, I feel like I rubbed that statue's toe before...but maybe it's another one like it in Split?

Alice Wertz said...

beautiful photos!! wow! thanks for sharing, Jane! congrats to Lin and Tejal, too!!

Wendy ten Hove said...

Hi Jane,

Wonderful photos here! Love those old ruins and that restaurant looks great!

Love, Wendy

Leslie said...

Jane, your photos are beautiful. What history!!! Thank you for sharing.

Kelly Booth said...

LOVE that you shared your Photo's...just an amazing place you live in Jane!!! hugs!!

Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness, these are all such wonderful photos!! Wow! Amazing with the cell phone too! I'm always fascinated with the history and culture of other countries, it looks like your summer vacation was fruitful!

Deirdre said...

Wonderful photos Jane - thanks for sharing. Looks like you had a great time.

Debbie said...

amazing photo's and the one with boys is just adorable! The scenery is really beautiful, you must have enjoyed your vacation!

Stamping Cafe said...

Gorgeous photos, Jane! Looks like you had a fabulous time, thank you for sharing!

Anne said...

I have always loved the nesting dolls. My father-in-law brought each of his daughter-in-laws a set of nesting dolls when he was in Russia on a mission trip. Like you, I wanted my daughter to have a set. He found an extra set and gave it to her. She was old enough to appreicate it and be very careful with it. Thanks again for sharing.