Friday, January 1, 2010

Noah's Ark

Happy New Year!!
You all guessed right! A little too can check out my new image here at Squigglefly...I hope you'll like it. And I picked a few winners and they are....

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Timestamp: 2010-01-01 23:31:56 UTC
Maylee said...

I'm guessing Noah and his ark, since you have all those cute animals to go with it? : )

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Timestamp: 2010-01-01 23:32:25 UTC
donna mikasa said...

I thought your blog looked a little different! Hope you get your gadgets back soon! I'm going along with the rest and guessing Noah and a cute little ark. How about giving your little monsters some love? Carrying hearts or a bunch of flowers? Love them!!!

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Clare said...

oh, and about the digi stamps, PLEASE make some with cute little animals with saying like "wool you be mine?" with a little sheep. I would love to see that. :)

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fika said...

Hi Jane.. i'm guessing Noah with his ark and lots of cute animals inside.. heehee!! I can feel your upset Jane.. as i had several troubles with my computer too. Hope it can be fixed soon. And Happy New Year Jane.. wish you all the best in 2010 :)

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My guess is Moses!!! Am I right? Am I right!!?? Wouldn't the Ark and all the those animals make a great stamp set!

Congrats!! And thanks for the Valentine's Day ideas..........I REALLY REALLY like the sheep soon as I read that I quickly sketched a cute little sheep. Send me your email and I'll send Noah's Ark on over to you.

As for the Challenge..............4 people played along..........too funny!!! And if they don't have a problem with it I'd love for all 4 to be the winners and divide the buttons and stash between that means each would get 25 of my handmade buttons???

That's it for me's LATE and I'm bushed!
Thanks for stopping by and Laku Noć (good night)    ;)
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moccavanila said...

OMG...Your new images is soooo darling,Jane!
as I love the giraffe, i will grab them too :)
Congrats to all winners! and Happy New Year to you,Jane!

Tracey said...

JANE!!! Your new image is sooo darn cute!!!! LOVE IT!! It is such a busy time of year for everyone....I'm sure you will have many more participants in the New Year!

Holly said...

Jane, I love your new image. It's just darling. I really like the sheep idea too and can't wait to see it!

donna mikasa said...

Yay for Noah's ark!! Finally got my hands on Mia, too! Hope to be joining a challenge in 2010!

Rose said...

Hi Jane! Happy New Year!!! Love your new image! stinkin' cute!

Carly said...

Oh I knew it!! And can I say that is the cutest image EVER!!!!

AnitaRex said...

So cute Jane! What an adorable Noah's ark! Sretan Nova Godina!

Godelieve said...

Happy 2010!

Kathy said...

I am in awe of all your drawings .... hoping to see more girls are the reason why I went out for the Squigglefly design team. Thanks for the inspiration and Happy New year!! Hugs,Kathy

Maylee said...

O yay!! Love the cute image! Thank you Jane!

bumblebee creations said...

cant wait to see your new images! I think that would be wonderful!

Deirdre said...

Jane, Adore your Noah's ark - so cute. I would just adore 25 of your buttons... ! Happy New Year, Deirdre x

Clare said...

Thanks Jane! I'm so glad you liked my idea! I would be so happy to see it! :)

fika said...

Thanks Jane.. winning your cutest Noah Ark makes me so happy. thanks for your generous prize too, xo Fika :)