Friday, March 11, 2016

Indie Beauty Expo or BUST! + free digi


I'm so excited I could share this illustration I did for Mari and Sammie. I follow these two beauties on Instagram (for those who don't know I love all things beauty....creams, lotions, balms and oils...make up too and I prefer them to be natural (without nasty ingredients and cruelty free) so when Mari aka the Goofy Mermaid (I mean I'll follow her just for that name!!) asked me if I could come up with an illustration for them I pretty much flipped! And then panicked! I hate drawing 'people'. Always have but I gave it a go and to my delight they loved what I came up with.

In short these two ladies are roadtripping up to the Indie Beauty Expo in NY in August (what I would do to go!!) and they're bringing some of their favourite brands and doing a scavenger hunt with their followers along the way (passing by Zagreb by any chance?!).

(hand drawn and coloured with Graph'it markers)

Also I'm sharing a little Easter bunny digi I drew up this morning so feel free to grab it.

I'll be posting my Friday favourites tomorrow!

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Neha said...

Love it Jane! You are so talented!

Bad Kitty said...

bus is great!
thank you for freebie
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