Thursday, October 29, 2015


I've been thinking about my blog lately....ideas, changes. This blog started off as place where I shared my crafty projects but with the Jane's Doodles blog now I've been sharing more of my other interests here as well. I want to make this blog as a kind of journal. I tend to over think things so I'm just going to start and tweek and change as I go. So here on this blog you'll get a peek into my every day, my interests (besides crafts) and I'll start with a little #tbt looking back at my instagram photos.

I love flowers and I'm trying to figure out which flower I'm going to draw next for Jane's Doodles.

Goji berries covered in dark chocolate!! Thank you Dida Boža!

My graph'it markers. I LOVE to colour!

Ban Jelačić Square (Zagreb)


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Bad Kitty said...

sve je predivno