Friday, February 6, 2015

thank you


This is what I woke up to!!!

It snowed yesterday, all night and it seems there's no end which means I'm snowed in, kids will not be going to school of the disadvantages (or advantages depending on who you're asking) of living on a hill! 

I instagramed this yesterday. I used my Doodle Flowers II stamp set.

I then used my Graph'it markers to colour and wanted to have a water colour effect. This is perfect for those who say they can't colour and blend. I took took shades of the same colour and took my lightest to colour the whole flowers, not worrying about colouring to the edges (you want to leave a little white). Then take the darker shade and go over the flower on certain make it look like water colours. Here are the colours I used:

5125, 5135, 8210, 8240, 6110, 6140, 4147, 4175, 1150, 1140, 0000

For the sentiment I used a SRM sticker.


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BlueCat said...

Beautiful card!
And what a pretty snowed hill!