Monday, January 12, 2015

friday favourites - on a monday


Hope all is well! I've been sick since Friday night...feel a bit better but I'm sweating buckets just sitting here writing this post!

I'm doing my Friday favourites today so let's jump right into it! :)

I love the portraits...makes me want to try and do one for Mia's room.

I have to be very careful with nail polish....before I know it I have 70 of them...very unnecessary! I've been very careful the last couple of years with buying cosmetics...I'm trying to use as much natural and green cosmetics and limit the amount I buy. I don't need 10 lipsticks....I just don't. And I made a rule that I can't buy another 'item' until I use one up. And I've been good at doing this....except for nail polishes!!! I've seen this shade a few times and love it. It's not pink, it's not purple...what is it??

LOVE the fridge, love the tiles, love the's all good! :)

Cupcakes...who doesn't love a good cupcake! :)

I will be announcing the winner of my Spotlight Blog Hop of Seamus over at the JD blog.

Talk to you later!

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Bad Kitty said...

nadam se da čete ubrzo ozdraviti.
favoriti su kao i uvijek super.