Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ho Ho & sneak peek


Hope you all are doing well.....yesterday our sweet budgie Miki died....I had a feeling it was going to happen because she seemed very tired and quiet...
We all miss her and Mia especially is heart broken...

I was with her when she died...I made sure she was very were such a sweet birdie Miki!

Onto this card....I'm not sure if I already posted this...I made it a while ago..I used my you're a hoot! stamp set. I made the candy cane out of fimo...

And here's another sneak peek!! :)

Have a great day!
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Miriam Prantner said...

It's so hard to lose such special ones. Sending warm thoughts to you and Mia!

Lisa said...

I'm sorry for your loss. She was obviously a very well loved, and loving, part of the family.

Holly Saveur said...

Feel so sorry for your loss.
sending warm hugs..