Friday, October 30, 2009

award and some more stuff


It's a BEAUTIFUL fall day here........I finished all the Halloween treat bags for the kids (26 for Mia's preschool group and 2 more for her teachers........26 for Marko's 1st grade class plus 3 for his teachers........LOTS of treat bags!!!!).

for Mia's group

How lucky am I to have this view!!! Look at those colours!

And now on to the award I received!!!

I received this award from Jane (Milliesmarvels) and it's awesome to know that you make someone SMILE!! You should go and check her out............she sure does make me smile!!!

I have to write 5 things about myself and pass it on to 5 people who make me smile!

  1. I was born in Germany, Baptised in Croatia, grew up in Canada...moved back to Croatia at 19.

  2. Absolutely LOVE Greek food!!!!! figures there's no Greek restaurant in Croatia!!

  3. just call me Mrs. Panic Panicson!!!

  4. my favourite chocolate.........M&M's (with the peanuts)!!!

  5. I love to have 'get togethers' at my home (decorate, cook, etc. for my good friends and family)

Now the 5 people I'm sending this too (I really hate this part! how do you narrow it down to 5!)

These ladies ROCK and always make me SMILE!!! There are SO MANY other blogs that totally make me smile and inspire me........I'll get around to them in my own way to let them know that they totally ROCK!

Tomorrow I pick my Christmas fimo buttons winner and I'll have some buttons for sale!!!

Have a great day!
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Kelly Booth said...

WOWZSER!!!! that's so much work...they will love them!! What a great mom you are.....

AnitaRex said...

That is a lot of treat bags you made! Great job! They are so cute! Love your owl card below too! Such a great owl! Happy Halloween I hope you have a great one I know how much you love it! And do you make a lot of Greek food since you love it so much?

Kelley Eubanks said...

Thank you Jane!! You are so sweet! I am honored that you would pick me! :) You make me smile too! :) Your treat bags are ADORABLE!! I would have a hard time tearing into those... I guess kids won't but they are soooo cute! Your view is gorgeous!!

Virginia L. said...

Aw... Jane! I'm truly honored that I'm one of the 5 that MAKE you smile! I love to make people smile... in fact, I think it's my love mission(LOL)!! Can you believe that my blog is only 1 month old-still a BABY!! I now totally embrace the blog world!! Anyways I adore the Halloween project that you did-so Martha Stewart-like!! Has she called yet? Well, she SHOULD totally hire you! Thanks for sharing the amazing fall backyard is looking more or less like yours,too! I love your happy blog! Thank you, my dear friend!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jane!

Great tags! Congrats on the award!

donna mikasa said...

First of all--those treat bags are AWESOME! And those photos of the fall foliage are what I was hoping to see in Japan but didn't, so THANK YOU for that! And lastly, thank you for the award--you are too kind!

Dolly said...

Love those treat bags, and what a magnificent view, I love autumn! Congrats on the award too

Rose said...

Hi Jane! Congrats to you, girlfriend! And, thanks so much for the award. You are so sweet :) How cute are those treat bags you made, too, little crafty lady!!!


Lysa said...

WOW- those treat bags looks FABULOUS! Lucky you to have such beautiful fall scenery around you too- Gorgeous!

Scrappinology said...

Great treat bags! I am sure the kids and teachers will love them!


Carly said...

Love those treat bags!! It's too funny because I just finish making something similar. Great minds think alike!! Loved the 5 things too! Have a great Friday!

Alice Wertz said...

awwww..... I am so happy and honored to receive this award from you Jane!! so can I give it to you, too!! because you always put a smile on my face whenever I stop by, too!!!!!!! LOVE those treat bags! wow! the number you have to make!! this is really making me craving candies... =)

Stamping Cafe said...

Congrats for the award, you have wonderful blog!! The Halloween goodies are too adorable, love them! Gorgeous photos too, thank you for sharing!